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3 websites with bad typography


I’m not quite sure what the purpose of this website is, but the typeface is unimaginative, the lines are too long, body copy is in bold (why??), italics are used excessively and there are some random extra typefaces on the Peter Pan images.

2. Bedknobs Bed and Breakfast

I remembered the assignment when we had to find inspiration for a Cornwall B&B website and how I found many ugly ones, so I went back to that search term and found this one. It’s unbalanced and all over the place – doesn’t seem to be well thought out at all. The mix of center-aligned text with left-aligned text doesn’t look good at all, and the bold heading running over 3 lines is not pleasant to read despite their probable intentions to make it so.

3. A.S.K. Tattoo and Piercing

On first count I think I can see 4 different typefaces on this page, liberal use of font-weight:bold, and some unpleasant 3D text effects. I definitely wouldn’t trust a tattoo artist with my precious skin if they can’t see how ugly that website looks!

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Colour schemes, Part 1: The Bad and The Ugly

This week we have to find three examples of good and bad colour schemes used on websites. Let’s start with the bad part, to get it out of the way.

It was surprisingly difficult to think of websites with bad colour choices, mainly because whenever I see one I try to delete it from my brain straight away… so I had to resort to some googling which led to random but nevertheless sufficiently ugly specimens. Behold:


I just… I don’t even…


They are already using 5 different colours and you haven’t even scrolled down to see the rest. There’s some red in there too, and the body copy is a wonderfully eye-watering mix of all 6 colours in a seemingly random order. If the residents of Ohio Valley don’t die from being struck by lighting they will still probably go blind thanks to this website.


These guys too seem to like cyan for body copy, I wonder if it has a strange appeal to people with certain degrees of colour blindness perhaps?┬áThe saturation of the background colour is too much, the cyan text hurts my eyes and the whole palette isn’t harmonious at all – individually the red and orange, and the blue and yellow could work, but all together it really doesn’t. Let’s not mention the background image which adds green and brown to the mix…

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