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Having fun with some new tools

I’m currently working on my thesis project for the MA course (Spot That Shot) and I’ve been trying to use various new tools and techniques. This is my first project using Sass, and I don’t think I’m using it to its full potential yet but it’s already proven handy for handling rem units in my code, thanks to a mixin by ry5n that I found on GitHub. I’m also using it for colour variables.

I’m also aiming to take the principles of OOCSS (object-oriented CSS) on board and try to write it in a modular way. This does include some repeating, but ensures elements can be styled separately without changes affecting a seemingly unrelated element. It’s not pure OOCSS because I found that I didn’t quite get the hang of that – it probably takes much more planning time, practice and self-discipline than I currently have at my disposal (full time job + part time job + thesis project work = not that much time to learn difficult new things at leisure).

Adobe’s new-ish text editor Brackets is now my preferred text editor, replacing Notepad++ and Sublime Text 2. I like the monospaced typeface better than the ones in the other 2, and the interface is nicer (for me). I also used it to create my flat HTML holding page for Spot That Shot because it offers live previewing as you type which is pretty awesome! For the real project I can’t make use of that since it doesn’t support previewing of PHP files but I still quite like it. The only thing Sublime Text is better at is autocompletion of attributes; the autocomplete matches any part of an attribute when you type some letters (e.g. typing ‘mrgb’ offers ‘margin-bottom’ which is very useful) whereas Brackets only matches the beginning of words. Maybe they’ll update that at some point, for now it’s not a massive issue so I’m sticking with it.

And finally, I’ve been playing a bit more with WordPress as well, to get a feel for what files affect what parts of a website. The prospect of implementing Spot That Shot into WP, frankly, really scares me and I keep procrastinating because of that :-(


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